ICTtrain has identified the critical areas of the Acquis for the ICT sector, which is the driver sector of EU growth. ICTtrain assists the effective implementation of the acquis for ICT BROs in order to develop a more coherent harmonisation process with the EU in the beneficiary countries through a benchmarking methodology.

The ICT sector is a major source of innovation and it is the key instrument for achieving the Lisbon goals of creating a competitive, sustainable and socially inclusive economy for Europe. In the beneficiary countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey), Acquis preparation and implementation is not only a matter for the government and administration, but also for Business Representative Organisations. In the beneficiary countries further efforts on the ICT sector Acquis are required vis-à-vis affected economic actors and their associations. In this context, networking with BROs in the Member States is an appropriate tool for the strengthening of Civil Society organizations in the candidate countries. The basic notion of ICTtrain is to support the Acquis harmonization in Beneficiary BROs. The focus of the project is on the exchange of experiences, training and the design of new actions.

The two main overall objectives of the projects are:

The transfer of ICT acquis information from 4 different EU ICT industry associations with different experiences, to Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish and Croatian ICT industry associations. Beneficiary BROs will have further familiarisation with acquis of which their member companies are or will be responsible. The uttermost importance will be given to strengthening the understanding, implementation and enforcement of ICT sector relevant acquis communautaire.

Strengthening the management capacity of beneficiary ICT organisations in order to enable them better representing the interests of their members. This objective includes improving Beneficiary BROs’ level of knowledge and awareness on the issues related to EU accession as well as developing their understanding of the role and responsibility of BROs in the EU.

Main activities


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Two types of organisantions are participating in ICTtrain: