ICTtrain’s main objective is to help the members of the Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian and Turkish ICT associations to understand the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) related EU regulations and requirements that influence their business and which companies have to meet in order to do business in the EU.

As a result of the project each beneficiary association will have competent and fully dedicated in-house experts that will give consultancy service to the members and support them in the implementation of the regulation in their companies.

The ICT related legislation was divided into four comprehensive blocks that build the curriculum of the trainings in which the in-house experts of the associations are trained.

ICTtrain puts emphasis also on the training of the operative management of the beneficiary associations. The operative leaders of the associations will be trained on how to do lobbying, networking, consortium building in the EU. By using these tools the member companies can expand their businesses abroad and find international partners to collaborate with.